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6 Tips To Make Fine, Thin Hair Look Thicker

by Kevin Murphy on April 19, 2022

Change your colour — sure. Upgrade your cut — easy. Style your hair almost any way you choose — why not? However, when it comes to the type and density of your hair, you’re essentially stuck with what you’re born with. It’s common to want what we don’t have, and for those born with fine, thin hair, voluminous, thick stands are probably always on your mind. While we can’t change genetics, we can help you embrace the perks of your hair type and how to get the most out of your style.


Style Tips To Make Fine or Thin Hair Look Thicker

All is not lost with fine, thin hair. There’s still a lot to love about it.

Let’s start with the perks…

  • Hair dries faster.
  • You can actually pull off a blunt bob with ease.
  • Ponytail or bun headaches are never an issue.
  • It’s easily manageable and usually quicker to style.
  • You use less product.
  • Want to try a pixie? No problem!

No hair type is perfect, but learn to work with your natural type and texture instead of against it. Below we’re discussing some of the top ways to make fine, thin hair look thicker.

1. Find The Right Haircut

A haircut makes up the foundation of your entire style. The key to embracing your hair is in finding that perfect match. While you might want a certain look, you’re better off picking haircuts that work well with your hair type. Fine, thin hair can easily pull off shorter styles like bobs or pixies. However, if you want a longer length, simply add plenty of layers like the trending butterfly cut or wolf cut.

2. Pick Targeted Formulas

Products alone won’t completely fix the problem. However, they do make quite a difference when styling. The products you choose from start to finish have a cumulative impact on the hair.

To add thickness and volume we recommend:

  • PLUMPING.WASH + RINSE in the shower to thicken hair without weighing it down.
  • BODY.MASS every time you cleanse to add thickness instantly and over time
  • EVER.LIFT or EVER.THICKEN before blow-drying to add style memory and create volume or thickness.
  • DOO.OVER on dry hair to add volume and hold.
  • FRESH.HAIR on clean or second-day hair to nix oil and refresh your style.

3.Focus Products on Targeted Areas

Anyone with fine, thin hair knows the struggle of getting volume to hold. This is why the placement of the product is as important as picking the right formula for your hair type.

Let’s start with the perks…

As a rule of thumb, the new growth area should be kept as clean as possible, with a few exceptions. Styling aids like BODY.MASS, DOO.OVER or FRESH.HAIR can be applied to this area to help build volume and thickness.

Mid-Lengths to Ends

In the shower be sure to double shampoo and only apply conditioner towards the mid-lengths and ends. On days when you’re creating a volumised style skip any deep conditioning masques or heavy moisturisers. If hair feels dry, add a touch of YOUNG.AGAIN or YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER, but focus only on the ends.

4.Rough Dry Before Styling

Almost all hair types (except highly texture hair) benefit from rough drying. Instead of immediately taking a blow-dryer and brush to wet hair, use your blow dryer to pre-dry the hair to remove excess moisture and give it some volume. You can work the strands from side to side, flip your head over, and rough dry it upside down to add volume. Once moisture is removed to the desired degree, you can use a round brush to smooth the hair and create the finish you’re after.

Apply Regular Scalp Treatments

Improving the function of your scalp helps in all areas that concern your hair. The scalp is the beginning of your style because all movement stems from here. Detoxing, rejuvenating and treating the scalp is as important as cleansing your hair. To create a luxurious experience that also lovingly cares for the scalp try the SCALP regimen. SCALP.SPA SERUM and TREATMENT can be applied anytime your scalp is in need of a little extra nourishment. Start here if your scalp feels irritated, itchy or dry. From there, utilise SCALP.SPA SCRUB followed by SCALP.SPA WASH in the shower. The SCRUB + WASH will gently exfoliate to remove excess oil and create a soothed, balanced scalp.

5.Favour A Few Hairstyles Over Others

Just like knowing which brand of jeans you like better, knowing which hairstyles work with your hair type is key. Creating looks like the snatched bun or sleek and straight finishes might just work better with your hair type. Trying out various braids, parts, blow-dry options and finishes are key to understanding how to embrace your hair type and make it work for you.